As someone who is both taller and heavier than the average American woman I have always been acutely aware that I take up way more physical space then is deemed appropriate by contemporary feminine beauty standards.  Comments about my weight and physical appearance, and how to improve it, is a regular occurrence.  The suggestion is always that somehow in losing parts of myself I could become more.

The pressure to conform to the perceived norm that is represented not only in the media, but also within our own cultures and class structures becomes internalized and the ways in which we see ourselves can become incredibly skewed.  Through self-imposed practices and body rituals the objects that once bound us physically now are unseen, and yet, the bindings are stronger than ever.

Using micro-blogging formats such as Facebook and Instagram I send out calls for female-identifying individuals who want to be drawn, who want to engage themselves and others in a conversation of body positivity through the nude.  Fat, scars, hair, bones, muscle, they are just parts of what make up the whole, not what defines it.  My intention is to create points of tension, the areas between attraction and repulsion to engage the viewer in a wider discussion of body politics.  I also give these women a place to simply exist, without apology.

I have two simple goals: the first is to show people how wonderful, interesting, complex, and amazing every single body is, and that every body has worth.  Secondly, is to help those I work with to re-contextualize the experience with their own body and self-image.



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